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Axelrod Denies Ever Touting A "Recovery Summer"

Obama campaign senior adviser David Axelrod tells Chris Wallace that he never used the term 'Recovery Summer' when he had in fact used it in 2010.

Chris Wallace, "FOX News Sunday" host: Didn't this White House badly misjudge this recovery? I remember in 2010, two summers ago, you and Vice President Biden were running around talking about 'Recovery Summer.' That was the summer of 2010 and the fact is the White House said if you got the stimulus, the $800 billion that unemployment would stay under 8%. In fact, with the stimulus, unemployment has stayed over 8% for the last 42 months. That's three and a half years.

David Axelrod: Chris, first of all, I wasn't running around saying anything other than that we were going to have to be persistent. That it took years to get in this mess, it was going to take years to get out --

Wallace: You talking about 'Recovery Summer' in 2010, sir.

Axelrod: Well you should show me the tape of me saying that. I've been very consistent about the fact that we need to be very persistent in our efforts here.

"This summer will be the most active Recovery Act season yet," David Axelrod was quoted saying in 6/17/2010 Politico article.

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