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Chris Matthews: Tea Party Reminds Me Of Confederates In Civil War

MSNBC's Chris Matthews implies the Tea Party is racist.

Chris Matthews: I think a lot of it is ethnic to it and I'm not trashing people as racist or anything, but I think a lot of it is ethnic. Meaning, they don't like the changing demographic of the United States. So every time --

Max Pappas, FreedomWorks: Yeah, especially Hispanics like Ted Cruz.

Matthews: No, no. He's a Cuban-American and that's always been a little different situation.

Pappas: Or Marco Rubio? Allen West?

Matthews: Every time a speech is written by a Tea Partier, they're not sufficiently happy with saying, 'we're going to cut spending.' They've got to say we're going to do something with the border. By the way, the border doesn't cross Cuba by the way, it's always Mexico.

Pappas: That's not a Tea Party position.

Matthews: Well why watch Cruz that statement?

Pappas: He's in Texas, they have a big border.

Matthews: All the time, you hear border, border, border.

Pappas: What brings the whole Tea Party together across the country is at the center of American politics. It's not extreme. It's let's only spend what we bring in. It's fiscal policy.

Matthews: You're saying Tea Partiers don't have an attitude about immigration?

Pappas: No.

Matthews: They don't?

Pappas: No. There is not a consistent Tea Party position on immigration.

Matthews: What do you mean there's not a consistent position? How come when you meet them, they talk about the 'cause'? It sounds like the Confederate Army still fighting the Civil War when you talk to them.

Pappas: When we bring together Tea Partiers from across the country to FreedomWorks, what they agree on is on free-market fiscal responsibility and Constitutional limit to federal power. They disagree on everything else; social policy, immigration.

Matthews: My experience is they're on the far right.

Pappas: We'll have you by the next time they come. Open door.

Matthews: Far right. It is a far right political movement.

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