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WH On Churchill Bust Flap: "A Bad Sherlock Holmes Script"

"It is almost like a bad Sherlock Holmes script, right?" White House deputy press secretary Josh Earnest said about the Winston Churchill bust in a briefing with reporters today. "The Case of the Missing Winston Churchill Bust."

Last week, the White House said Charles Krauthammer's correct claim that the Obama White House got rid of the Churchill bust on loan from the British government was false.

"There is myth floating in some of the darker corners of the internet that suggest that upon taking office the President went out of his way to snub the British people by prematurely returning the bust of Winston Churchill that had occupied a prominent place in the Oval Office under the previous president," Earnest explained.

Earnest continues: "The bust was loaned to President Bush by the British government. As is customary, at the conclusion of President Bush's term, and before President Obama entered the Oval Office, the bust was returned to the British embassy."

Earnest says that the relationship between Washington and London has not changed.

"[Have] we settled the case of The Missing Churchill Bust? I hope so," Earnest concluded.

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