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Brit Hume: Obama's "Distress Call" To Bill Clinton

BRIT HUME: The convention role being given Bill Clinton is proof that President Obama is in deep trouble and he and his political handlers know it.

Polls continue to show the race tied or Mr. Obama slightly ahead. But other surveys point distinctly in another direction. One out today from the Hill newspaper gives Mitt Romney an edge with voters on three key qualities: sharing their values, being a stronger leader and being more honest and trustworthy. What's more, 93 percent of voters in this poll said policies and competence were more important than likablity, that's an area, of course, where Mr. Obama has enjoyed a large advantage.

Add to that the Rasmussen survey in which voters by 62 percent to 30 said economic growth was more important to them than economic fairness. Fairness, of course, is a major theme of Mr. Obama and his party. With his attacks on Mitt Romney's business record and his repeated and unsubtle appeals to elements of his party's base, Mr. Obama is clearly shooting for a big Democratic turnout in November.

But Gallup reports that the number of Democrats who say they are more enthusiastic about voting this year is at 39 percent, down from 61 percent four years ago. 51 percent of Republicans, meanwhile, said they are more enthusiastic this year, that is up from 35 per cent in 2008.When you put all this together with the continuing bad news on the economy, you know why Mr. Obama is suddenly reaching out to Bill Clinton.

This is a distress call.

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