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Krauthammer Responds To White House Over Churchill Bust Controversy

On "Special Report" tonight, FOX News contributor Charles Krauthammer responds to the White House criticizing his column for mentioning how Obama returned the bust of Winston Churchill upon his arrival to the Oval Office:

Obama started his presidency by returning to the British Embassy the bust of Winston Churchill that had graced the Oval Office.

Krauthammer's response:

It's astonishing. He doubled down. All he had to say is, 'We got it wrong the first time.' The British ambassador, today, said that the bust that's in his residence, the one that was returned when Obama came into office exactly as I had written -- 100% as I had written.

So not being able to deny it, he pretends that it never happened and he says the idea that the bust was returned is false. And then he talks about the reason that the bust was returned was because of antipathy. I never talked about antipathy. He should have honorably have said, 'We made a mistake. It was an old bust in the White House [that's] been around for 50 years and we got them confused. That would have been understandable, that would have been the end of [the] story.

That would have been honorable, but you don't expect that out of this communications office in this White House.

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