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Romney: It's Time For Leadership That Will Put Aside Partisanship And Focus On The Nation

BRIAN WILLIAMS: And when Mitt Romney arrives in Washington, how will Washington be any different from the Washington we've seen these past few years, which any American will tell you is hopelessly broken, busted?

MITT ROMNEY: You know, all I can say is that I got elected governor of a state that was 87% Democrat. And it was not lost on me that if I went around attacking the Democrat leadership, I was gonna get nothing done and none of my vetoes would be upheld. And I began a relationship with the speaker of the House and the Senate president that was personal. We respected each other. We often disagreed. But we found common ground from time to time.

That has to happen. There has to be a president that buries the hatchet and says, "We're gonna go to work to try and get America on track." We-- we're at a critical time in this country. If we keep going down the path we're on, we're gonna end up like Europe or worse. It's time to have leadership that will put aside Republican and par-- and-- and Democrat, and instead focus on what's necessary for the nation. I'm willing to do that. I think others in Washington have recognized the need to do that. I see hopeful signs we're gonna finally get America on track again.

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