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Moore: "This Must Seem Odd To People In Other Countries That We View Our Constitution As If It Was Written By God Himself"

"I think, first of all this must seem odd to people in other countries that we view our Constitution as if it was written by God himself. That it was somehow, through some sort of divine intervention or whatever, it was etched in stone like Moses and the tablets. And because what they thought was right in 1776 to 1789, that is the way we have to live today in the 21st century," Michael Moore said on the Tuesday night broadcast of CNN's "Pier Morgan Tonight."

"I mean, we wouldn't go to a doctor and have him put leeches on us to suck the blood out of us because that would cure us, that's what they did, you know, a 150 years ago," Moore also said.

"We've kind of evolved," Moore said.

Moore continued: "So I think what -- it's a safe bet -- I think the people who are -- the NRA and the so-called gun supporters. I think they if they were intellectually honest and I think it's okay to use that word. The other word. I think that they would admit the founding fathers, when they said militia, they meant we got to be able to round up all the farmers and the merchants and everybody, get your gun because the British are coming back. They were afraid of that.

"They still were dealing with the world's largest power at the time when we got our independence. Or when they said "the right to bear arms," I think, you know, the arm back then was you could -- you could only fire one shot at a time. You had a little -- a little ball bearing-like bullet. You had to stuff it in the thing. Then do this. Gun powder. You know, it took about 15 minutes before you could fire one shot. Now, if the founding fathers could have looked into a crystal ball and seen AK-47s and a Glock semiautomatic pistol, I got a feeling they would want to leave a little note behind and probably tell us, you know, that's not really what we mean when we say "bear arms."

"So I think that -- I think that most intelligent people would see that it kind of makes sense, what they were thinking. I don't think that we have to go back in their minds and all. And I wish that we would just live in this century. I think they'd want us to do that. We've evolved in other ways. We allowed women to vote. We decided that slavery was a bad idea. You know, we've gotten rid of a lot of those bad ideas from the founding fathers. This is probably one that is not necessarily a bad idea but one that can easily be clarified with 21 century language."

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