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Granholm Urges Voters To Use Ballot Initiatives To Make Gun Laws

"We cannot wait for the politicians! Do not wait!" Jennifer Granholm tells viewers to "use Democracy to your advantage" and help pass common sense gun legislation by using the initiative process in states where voters can choose what's on the ballot.

GRANHOLM: "It's time for a call to action, everybody, people. I'm just sick of this garbage too. You should be as well. We can not stand idly by. We can sit and complain about what those darn politicians are doing, or say words, or we can do something. But, we can not wait for the politicians. Do not wait. You live in a state with an initiative process, you can organize, you can gather the signatures, you can use democracy to your advantage. Most states require a certain number of signatures; usually equal to between five and ten percent of the number of votes cast for Governor in the last election. If Tom Mauser can do it, if Colorado can do it, so can you."

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