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Limbaugh: Media Trying To Tie Batman Shooting To Conservatives

RUSH LIMBAUGH: Remember the claim, as Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats were marching with the giant gavel to the Capitol in Washington after having passed health care? Maybe they were walking to the vote, and the Tea Party and other Americans opposed to it flanked them on both sides of the street. When it was all over, a bunch of Democrat congressmen say that they heard Tea Party people shouting the N-word. So Andrew Breitbart offered a hundred thousand dollars to anybody who could prove it. Hundred grand to anybody who could prove that it had happened, and nobody could because it didn't. And the Democrat Party itself put that out there.

They project, folks. This is the easiest way to understand them. I've been laughed at for this explanation for years. They are what they accuse us of being. They do what they accuse us of doing. They are the ones who say all these things that they accuse us of doing and saying. Tea Party has no criminal acts in its history. There's no violent history in the Tea Party. There is in Occupy Wall Street, the Democrat version, but there isn't with the Tea Party. So why put it on the air? Why say it? How did you find this out? What did you do, Google it, Brian? You Google the name and you come up this? It later was discovered there are 25 people with this name in this area. Twenty-five. How do you automatically associate, and then the guy who's misidentified, now he becomes a target. The guy who's incorrectly identified, he becomes a target. He didn't do anything. Minding his own business. He joins the Tea Party, and all of a sudden a bunch of lunatics are on the prowl.

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