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Krauthammer: "You Didn't Build It Should Be Hung Around Obama Until End Of His Presidency"

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: I think Obama has made the gaffe of the year when he said if you created a business, you didn't build it. That phrase, 'you didn't build it' should be hung around Obama until the end of his presidency.

I read the totality of the statement and it's worse if you read it all. Essentially, he has a view that is antithetical to view that the majority of the Americans have, which is that enterprise, initiative of the markets are what drive American wealth and excellence and achievements. Government is parasitic on that and lives off the excess wealth in the form of taxation.

Obama has view at the heart of American excellence and achievement is government, not enterprise. And I think what Romney ought to do is take the headline in today's lead editorial in the Wall Street Journal, 'Solyndra versus Staples.' And he has to have a simple slogan, Romney, which is, 'Obama and his administration gave you Solyndra, using your money incidentally. I and my colleagues in the free enterprise system gave you Staples with all the jobs and all the wealth and all the accrued wealth it gave to the foundations with the pension and the universities that invested with us in those enterprises.'

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