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Blow: Sununu "Tapping Into This Otherness Idea That Persists About" Obama

On the Tuesday night broadcast of MSNBC's "The Last Word" New York Times columnist Charles Blow ranted about those who oppose Barack Obama. Blow says John Sununu, a visible Romney surrogate, is everybody's favorite "drunk uncle" who is "just tapping into this 'otherness' idea that persists about" Obama. Blow goes on to accuse his opponents of racism and say they believe they're in a nightmare and Obama is president. Full transcript below.

CHARLES BLOW, NYT: Sununu is basically just tapping into this 'otherness' idea that persists about Barack Obama. If you look at the people who say they are for Romney, they're actually not for Romney at all, they're just against Barack Obama. And a large part of those people are, as Joy was saying, just bitter. They hate the idea of this guy. He was, some believe, in Hawaii, most of us, the rational people. But only 88% of Republicans believe that Hawaii is of America, The other people believe he was born in Kenya. Some people they point to the fact that he spent part of his childhood in Indonesia. If you put a map of the world in front of them and ask them to point to Indonesia, they couldn't do it to save their mother's life but they know it's not England, right?

So then you get this guy with that kind of narrative. He writes in his own book, The Audacity of Hope, that he was not raised in a religious household. So he's not Christian. His father is in fact Muslim. He comes to Christianity on his own later in his life, but they still believe that there is no way he could even be Christian. Right? He has a kind of elite education.

Every time they see this guy step up to a podium behind that presidential seal, a little bomb goes off in their mind and [say], 'This can not be true. This can't be happening.' They're living some sort of nightmare in which this person, Barack Obama, has somehow tricked us, he has done something to America. This is not how it was supposed to happen. The ruling classes in America were supposed to continue to rule infinitum. This was not how it was supposed to go down. He's not part of one of the American political dynasties. He's not part of a rich American family. He is not even part of the slave legacy of America. Who is this guy in our White House?'And that is what makes these little bombs go off in their heads every time they see him.

So they send Sununu, everybody's favorite drunk uncle, out to say the things that nobody else will say but everybody else is thinking that there is something different about this guy. No matter what else you believe, no matter if you disagree with him on policy or not, whether or not there is a legitimate disagreement on policy that he is other than you and we must, no matter who we put up -- we can put up, you know, Opie from Andy Griffith's show, anybody, vote this guy and get anybody other than him.

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