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Adam Carolla Slams Obama's "Ridiculous" Class Warfare Speech

Carolla explained there was a difference between being the hardest worker versus being smart and working hard and that Obama was wrong for not making that distinction. (via Jeff Poor/Daily Caller)

“First off, I understand what working hard is because I used to dig ditches for a living, but that’s donkey work,” he said. “Yes, you’re out in the sun. You’re busting your ass. I never worked — I worked harder when I cleaned carpets and worked harder when I dug ditches making $7 a hour hard, but he said the hardest work. The hardest working is different than a lot of hard-working people out there and no, I’m going to disagree with the president and say that if you are in fact smart and you are in fact the hardest worker, you’ll do fine.”

Later, the comedian called the philosophy Obama espoused “anti-American” for not recognizing that distinction.

“It is an anti-American — and again I don’t mean that in a terrorist sort kind of way, but this country is sort of built on pull yourself up, start your shit, stake your claim, do your thing, innovation,” he said. “The folks that made it, so-called made, and again I don’t know why we’re obsessed with success, but the folks that have made it had help along the way — not necessarily true in many instances. Yes, you can count being delivered at a hospital that running water, electricity and you can count roads that worked.”

Ultimately, Carolla said, the president is simply attempting to pit the haves against the have-nots, and that’s “ridiculous.”

“This notion of taking people that have something — it doesn’t matter what it is and then taking the larger majority of people that don’t have what that is and that is a Rolls-Royce, or it could be a house on the hill or it could be whatever, an entourage, whatever — a successful small business and then trying to enlist those people and somehow feeling that that person that did what they did to get where they are is a bad person or a lucky person, or we should all be in their places instead is a ridiculous message to send and it’s the exact opposite message of this country.”

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