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Dick Morris: Romney Should Run Bain Success Stories Right Now

DICK MORRIS: What you have to do is to put on television the success stories of Bain Capital. There's a company named Dynamic Steel, I think it's in Illinois. It was going bankrupt. Romney came in and he said, 'get rid of the blast furnaces, do electric arc technology at third of the price.' He got the investors, he changed the company. Now it's the fifth-largest steel maker in the United States. 6,500 employees, average pay $85,000.

I think Romney actually had a spot about that, a wonderful 60-second spot that they pulled too soon. They've got to put that spot back on the air right now for a thousand points in each market in the battleground. Hammer it home. Because if Romney is seen as a deal-maker, not a business man; a financier and a capitalist, not an entrepreneur; someone who helps the rich and doesn't help the middle-class, he's going to get killed.

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