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Wasserman Schultz: "It Would Be Nice If We Had A Candidate for President Who Was Committed To America"

Alex Wagner, MSNBC host: Do you think there is something illegal here because there's certainly -- the line, the rhetoric would certainly seem to suggest that as it has been voiced by folks on the left and the president's reelection campaign?

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, DNC: That's the problem. We don't know because Mitt Romney has released one year of tax returns and an estimate of another year. That's totally contrary to his own father, when he ran for president, who said that releasing only one year is unacceptable because it could be an anomaly.

Mitt Romney needs to come clean and release multiple years of his tax returns so we can see why he invested in a Bermuda corporation and transferred it to his wife's name the day before he became Governor of Massachusetts.

So we can see why he's invested in Swiss bank accounts and accounts in the Cayman Islands. And you know, we also need to know why does -- what is the allure of investments out of the country. When he headed up Bain Capital, he was a pioneer in outsourcing and shipped jobs overseas.

It would be nice if we had a candidate for president who was committed to America. Mitt Romney is committed to making sure that either he makes the most money as humanly possible, or his investors do. And that's evidenced by his track record in shipping jobs overseas and making sure that he has investments that we don't know why he invested in offshore accounts. But most folks that I know, they make their investments in a bank in America, most American business men invest here and if you're running for president, that certainly should be your commitment.

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