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Carville: Dems Made "Fundamental Error" Conceding Deficit Is Biggest Problem

James Carville says Democrats made a "fundamental error" backing off on their steadfast support of entitlement programs to give way to the idea that they need trimming in order to cut the deficit.

"I think we make a fundamental error," Democratic strategist James Carville said on MSNBC's "Rachel Maddow" program tonight. "The biggest problem we have in the country is the deficit. You say, let’s cut entitlements because the deficit is the biggest problem. If you say the biggest problem is that the middle class is shrinking — it would clearly shrink if the deficit got too high — but that would lead you to a conclusion, let’s cut health care costs. That’s the easiest way to cut the deficit. But the Washington consensus is we have to cut entitlements."

"When people do focus groups and political people all come back and say the same thing, people are breaking down crying," Carville said. "They’re breaking down crying, people say the same thing, ‘I’m one disease away from the end.’ They’re taking children back in their house, they’re changing jobs. People are starting lawn mower businesses when they’re 55-years-old, and the Washington consenses is, ah-ha, this person can’t have Medicare, or the Washington consensus is, cut their Social Security."

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