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Gibbs On Economy: Obama Has "Pulled The Bus Out Of The Ditch"

On the Monday broadcast of MSNBC's "Morning Joe," Obama campaign adviser Robert Gibbs used a familiar metaphor about a "car in the ditch" that President Obama was known for using throughout 2010.

“When Barack Obama got the keys to the bus it was trapped in the ditch with three flat tires. We've changed the tires, we've pulled the bus out of the ditch, and we’re starting up the road to strengthening the middle class," Gibbs said this morning.

"There's a different theory. Mitt Romney wants to take that bus -- probably a bus made in Switzerland or Bermuda -- and he wants to turn that bus around, he wants to pick up some millionaires and billionaires and shower them with cash," he said.

Gibbs, the former White House press secretary, was even asked by the press in fall of 2010 when Obama would stop using the "car in a ditch" metaphor.

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