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WSJ: The Problem With Romney's Campaign Is Mitt Romney

"I have another example that is almost as bad as the mandate-tax issue. And that is the Fourth of July jet ski photograph. Seriously. This is like John Kerry waterskiing," Wall Street Journal's Daniel Henninger said on FOX News' "Journal Editorial Report" this week. "[This] sort of supports the Obama idea that this is a rich guy that has all these expensive toys."

"Now, I think any campaign manager worth his salt would say to the candidate, 'You can not get in the water in the jet ski with all those photographers over there.' But, if the candidate himself said, 'I'm entitled to relax. I'm going to do what I want to do.' Then the problem starts at the top with Mitt Romney's political instincts. And then we're going to have a problem where two months from now you're going to have one of these Michael Dukakis photographs, like in the tank, and he'll blow his campaign out of the water," Daniel Henninger said.

"Mr. Fehrnstrom, I suppose you worry about someone who reads the Boston Globe everyday eventually they might start to believe it. But, I think really the problem here is probably with Mr. Romney. He needs to send a message, endorse a message, be willing to communicate it and deliver it with some enthusiasm," WSJ's James Freeman said.

"To this point, he's basically been saying, 'Obama's been doing a terrible job and look at my resume.' You need something more," Freeman added.

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