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Obama Super PAC Head Bill Burton: Romney A "Clown"

"What they're trying to do, I imagine, is engage -- you know, a large number of the folks who support President Obama but have been sitting on the sidelines," Bill Burton of Priorities USA, the Super PAC backing Obama. Burton previously served as deputy press secretary at the White House under Barack Obama.

"They look at Mitt Romney and say, 'Yeah, but is this clown really going to beat President Obama?' and the answer is well, maybe, if he has four or five times as much money as the president, then yes," Burton said on MSNBC's "NOW with Alex Wagner."

"He may well have a chance at winning in November and I think that that's what Democrats have been trying to tell other Democrats. You know, there's a lot of money that's going to be involved here and Democrats need to come in off the sidelines and get engaged if they haven't," he said.

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