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Mark Levin: Time For Term Limits On Supreme Court

"I think it turns out he’s extremely political -- to my great chagrin. I think he reads the media. I think the libs know that and the libs, like the mob, will be in for the next decision. This is just the first. They're going to want more from him," nationally syndicated radio talk show host Mark Levin told Neil Cavuto on Monday's broadcast of his FOX News show.

"This is why I argued six or seven years ago in 'Men in Black' and I am going to reintroduce this argument: Term limits for justices. If justices want to be political then they shouldn’t serve for life because the American people deserve better than this. And that's the bottom line. Whatever Roberts thinks -- whatever we call this, a tax, a punishment, [or] a cucumber," Levin said.

"The fact of the matter is we, the American people, deserve public officials, whether they’re elected or appointed to serve for life or for limited terms, who are go to uphold our institutions. And if not going to do it, there’s 312 million Americans. We'll find someone who can," Levin also said.

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