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Sarah Palin: We Won't Recognize America If Obama Is Reelected

"If Obama is reelected, we will be a fundamentally transformed country as Obama promised us as a candidate that he was hell-bent on doing to us. We're heading down that road now. This ObamaCare mandate, this decision that was made today. Heck, Obama even proposing it and ramming it through and down our throats through Pelosi and Reid's embracing of it, that's a harbinger of things to come," Sarah Palin said on the Thursday broadcast of FOX News' "On the Record."

"So, if Obama is reelected, well, America you will no longer recognize the country that today you truly love and and can enjoy all of its freedom and prosperity and security if Obama is reelected because his ObamaCare is a harbinger of things yet to come," Palin told Greta van Susteren.

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