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Pelosi On ObamaCare: "The Best Is Yet To Come"

SCHULTZ: Finally, is this Kennedy-like? You didn't get everything, but you got a great start. And you got some great things, and – that was kind of his philosophy. Take what you can get and move it forward.

NANCY PELOSI: Oh, well, we got much more than that. We got much more than that. Yes, Teddy was the person who said, 'you have to – you have to see a victory and recognize it when it is in sight.'

I wanted to have a bill that accomplished the same things as a single-payer or a public option would do. Even if we couldn’t get the votes in the Senate to do the public option. And I believe we did that. I think we would have saved more money if we had the public option and I think that -- but I think that our purposes are served by this. And if it enabled us to go forward, then so be it. One of these days, I still believe that we can -- the decision, the judgment will be made, maybe by states about their doing single-payer on their own and the rest. But in the meantime, as far as meeting the needs of individuals and families there, and as I keep saying, as far as our families are concerned, the best is yet to come.

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