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Carney: Obama Didn't Know About Fast & Furious Until He Saw It In Media

Q The National Rifle Association is urging members of Congress to vote to hold the Attorney General in contempt because they say Fast and Furious is part of the Obama administration's anti-gun agenda. Do you have response to that?

MR. CARNEY: I’m not going to speculate about the outcome of a vote that we still hope doesn’t happen because it should not -- it’s politics. And I think that, in many ways, your question reflects the politics of this.

I would only say broadly that the idea behind that thinking suggests that there was some grand plan behind the Fast and Furious program when, in fact, everyone knows the President did not know about this tactic until he heard about it through the media; the Attorney General did not know about it. The tactic itself was employed by the previous administration in a different operation. This was a field office tactic that was flawed. And when the Attorney General learned about it, he took action to ensure that it was no longer used, and he directed the Inspector General at the Department of Justice to investigate.

So the premise behind the assertion falls apart upon even the barest of inquiry.

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