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NY Times' Blow: "Election Is Very Close To Being Stolen Before Votes Are Actually Cast"

NY Times columnist Charles Blow says voter ID laws will act as voter suppression which will enable the Republican Party to steal the election in November.

"In most of those states (pictured on screen), if you average it out, about 9-percentage points was the spread for Obama last time around. If you're looking at the current polling you're down into low single digits -- three to four," Blow said on MSNBC's "Martin Bashir" program.

"So now you say, 'Can I move that needle three to four percentage points?' It doesn't take much. You may already have dissatisfied people because of the economy, you may have people who were voting last time for historical reasons, who may not show up this or may have changed their allegiances. You may even have to move that needle one percent. That is what we're talking about," Blow said.

"If you can shave, in a Florida where you know Barack Obama only carries by 3-percentage points when it's 2008 and it's amazing," Blow told Bashir.

"If you can shave 1-percentage by changing when people can vote by putting extraordinary limits on voter registration by having people required to have IDs that they have never had to have in decades for voting for some of these people. That means you can shift a state. It is not a small vote. People keep figuring out ways to say this in a way that will make it resonate with people. That this election is very close to being stolen before the votes are actually cast," he said.

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