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Krauthammer: Obama Intent On Not Enforcing Immigration Law

"It is astonishing," syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer said about Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano's decision to not help Arizona officials enforce immigration law.

"It appears to be entirely punitive, number one. And secondly, I think it makes the case that Scalia, and Alito, and Thomas made that this administration's intent on not enforcing the law in as many ways as it can. And that any claim therefore by the Court or buy the Justice Department of what Arizona is doing is undermining the federal law. It's not. It's undermining the federal policy under this administration of not enforcing the law. And it's simply weird and bizarre to call that an appropriation of the federal law by the mistake. It's not and it is therefore constitutional," Krauthammer said on the "Special Report" All Star panel tonight.

"This is high-handed and lawless on the part of the administration," Krauthammer later said in response to Mara Liasson.

Krauthammer also had a back-and-forth with fellow panelist Juan Williams who said the Department of Homeland Security's decision had nothing to do with today's Supreme Court ruling.

"Were you born yesterday," Krauthammer asked Williams.

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