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Andrea Mitchell On Fast And Furious: "It Is A Distraction, It Is Politics"

Andrea Mitchell on Fast & Furious: "Well, what you've heard from the Chairman here, from Chairman Issa (R-Cali.) is that Nixon did some things that were good and bad in the analogy and by invoking executive privilege the White House has now bought into the now symbolic confrontation -- this Constitutional confrontation -- that the White House did not originally want because as Governor Richardson (D-NM) said they think people care more about the economy.

It is a distraction, it is politics writ large in Washington according to both people, but I think this thing is going to play out here. You're going to have this vote on the House floor and the irony is it will be up to the Justice Department whether or not to prosecute. You're not going to -- this is going to go to the courts and I think Chairman Issa would agree with that. It's going to go the courts and you're not going to have a resolution before the election."

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