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Maher, Maddow Deny Being Partisan; Can't Name Republican They Agree With

During a heated discussion on Fast & Furious on HBO's "Real Time" where guest panelist Rachel Maddow, of MSNBC, accused Republicans of going after the Obama administration and the Holder Justice Department because they believe it is a conspiracy to install tougher restrictions on gun ownership, and host Bill Maher tried to delegitimize the investigation as political in nature, fellow panelist Nick Gillespie, of Reason, accused them of being the partisans.

Gillespie asked Maddow and Maher, who claim not to be partisan themselves, to name one elected Republican they agree with. The duo could not, instead they said it is not them who have a problem, it is the hyper-partisan Republicans.

"You will always take the side of the Democrat over a Republican," Gillespie told Maddow.

"No I won't. You don't even know me," Maddow said in an attempt to distract from Gillespie's point.

"I've seen your show," he rebutted.

"So, what's a Republican that you pick over a Democrat in an issue?" Gillespie asked.

"That's not a fair question," host Bill Maher said. "If there were Republicans -- you could ask me the same question, I could answer that question twenty years ago but Republicans have changed. I haven't changed. You would probably say the same thing. It is they who have changed, not us."

"Twenty years ago there were Republicans who absolutely were reasonable. They are an extinct species now," Maher added.

"So the important thing is that you're not a partisan," a sarcastic Gillespie responded. "This is my point."

"Yes," Maher said. "Both things can be true. Absolutely."

"You're not partisan, but you will always be against the Republicans," Gillespie said.

"Only if they continue to act like the party of the mental patients," he said.

"What are you made about?" Maddow asked as she jumped back in the argument.

"I'm not mad, all I am saying is I refuse to be put into a false choice of 'you're either with the Democrats or the Republicans,' and that's the way this conversation -- this conversation has been framed as 'aren't the Republicans just doing this as a show trial, etc?' Well Eric Holder is bad, the Republicans are bad, the drug war is bad," Gillespie said.

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