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Limbaugh On Obama Amnesty Plan: "Catch, Release, Vote"

RUSH: I have a name for this new Obama immigration policy. In case you haven't heard, folks, very quickly. The regime today told the border agents: "If you catch young illegals, let 'em go and grant 'em work permits." No more deportation of illegal immigrants. They are to be given work permits and they can stay in the country. So what this is is "Catch, Release, Vote."

You know what surprises me about this? He's using up his political ammo pretty early here. Now, I know he's gonna go talk to La Raza or some Latino group next week, but I'm telling you what. If you had any doubt that people are paying attention, forget it. They obviously are. The president is in full panic mode. He's not keeping his powder dry until the fall. He's not. Why? Because people are paying attention, and we don't like what we are seeing or what we are getting from Obama.

First the churches, then women, then Bain Capital, then gays, and now this. They're just throwing everything up against the wall, hoping something's gonna stick out there. He's getting killed in the media over this speech yesterday. (We've got the audio sound bites.) I mean, he's being literally reamed over the speech. And I'll tell you what's coming next. Here we go. We just went through the brief overview. First, War on Churches. Second, create (as part of it) a phony Republican War on Women. And then go after Mitt Romney and Bain Capital. Then come out for gay marriage.

And now: Don't deport the young illegals; give 'em work permits.

What's that gonna do to the unemployment number? Are we gonna count 'em looking for work or not? If we don't, the number won't drop. If we do, the number will go up. What's it gonna do for those of you trying to get work to learn that 800,000 new illegals are in the job market who will work cheaper than you do? And what's next is home mortgages and student loans. Those are the next two things that are gonna fall. They'll throw it all up against the wall. You watch.

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