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Krauthammer On Obama's Speech: Anybody Who Believes Him Is "Hopelessly Oversold"

"This isn't, this isn't a vision, this is a rehash," Charles Krauthammer said about President Obama's address on the economy today. "There is absolutely nothing new here and look, his own staff admitted that days ago saying 'this a way to frame the debate again.' Well to frame the debate means there is nothing the frame. The picture is empty, it's the same one he has been saying. It's small ball and the reason is the big answers that he thought he had in 2009, he has tried."

"Gigantic stimulus. He thought it was healthcare which would somehow reduce expenditures, help us on debt and deficit. Of course, his healthcare monstrosity increased spending by $1.76 trillion. So the big answers, the visions answers are the one he had in 2009. They have produced an economy that grows at under 2%, which cannot sustain the current horrible unemployment rate. It has to rise at 2%. He is down repeating the education, energy, innovation," he said.

"Anybody who believes that that is either going to work or is a vision, I think is hopelessly oversold on this," Krauthammer concluded.

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