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Krauthammer: There Is A "Statute Of Limitations On Whining"

"I think in part, the reason independents are so disappointed with the president is that they know that the claim he makes about this all being the fault of his predecessor is either on the one hand false or simply whining by somebody who won't own up to their responsibility," syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer said on FOX News tonight.

"The problem -- and it is false. The problem with the president's analogy about the restaurant, is he left out where he sits down and then orders steak and martinis for the next 1,000 days and sends you and I the bill. If you look at the debt, publicly held debt on day he took office, that is you couldn't write a debt that you and I and all bondholders, up to the government of China that has been accumulated for the 230 years of this republic, it was $6.3 trillion, under six and a half. Today it's $11 trillion. He has added, in three and a half years, $4.5 trillion. He's increased our debt by 70% in three and a half years and the idea it's baked in the cake and structural is compete nonsense. He speaks about the two wars. One war is over and the other war, the good war, the one he likes, he doubled our expenditures," Krauthammer said on the All-Star panel portion of "Special Report" on Wedesnday night.

"It's going to be over in a couple of years anyway, and yet he has deficit she projecting in the future increasing by $8 trillion of debt for the next decade. I think on every count his numbers are false and I think Americans sense that. There's a kind of psychological statute of limitations on whining," Krauthammer said.

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