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Carney On Obama Economic Address: "It Is A Campaign Speech"

White house press secretary Jay Carney says President Obama's speech on the economy tomorrow will be "a campaign speech."

QUESTION: On the president's economic speech tomorrow, can you tell us what's new in his speech. Reports so far suggest that it's a lot of same things we've heard before. Why package it this way and will there be something new to it?

CARNEY: I'll say a few things about that. It is a campaign speech as has been reported, so I will refer you to the campaign for more details about it. I can tell you that the president believes that this election is a fundamental choice between two very different visions for how we grow the economy, create middle class jobs and pay down our debt.

"I won't get into details previewing the president's speech because we certainly want you to listen closely when he delivers it," Carney later said.

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