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Krauthammer: Reagan Would Be "Very Comfortable" With The Tea Party

"His problem is that he was equating his father with Ronald Reagan," Charles Krauthammer said about Jeb Bush criticizing the Republican party. "His father was a very good president. History will smile upon him but he was no Reagan. His father was a moderate Republican, a moderate conservative."

"Reagan was a movement conservative, a leader of the movement. You would call him rigid. He was called worse than that in those eight years. Rigidity is a virtue. Today we use the word ideology as a pejorative. I think it needs to be resurrected. An ideology means a coherent set of ideas and policies, and Reagan had them, and he pursued them. And I think he would be very comfortable today with the Tea Party and the Republican party," Krauthammer said.

"In fact, I think he would say, as Paul Ryan said after the 2010 election, where you have got a radical change in direction of the Republican party, Paul Ryan said we had lost our way. We had entertained this kind of moderate conservatism as his father, the Bush father, said kinder and gentler, as George W. Bush said compassionate conservatism. That was a variation they did. But I think the Republicans have spoken that was not the way to go and this is a return to Reaganism."

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