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Levin On Obama: "We Got His Back? He's Supposed To Have Our Back"

Mark Levin reacts to a radio ad by the Obama administration that targets the black community. In the ad the narrator asks for black voters to have Obama's back in November.

MARK LEVIN: Now, I may have missed because of the cool rhythm there, but Mr. Producer, does he talk about America? America's future? No, the whole commercial, the whole ditty is about 'we got his back.' We got his back? He's supposed to have our back.

(Levin in mocking tone) 'We're not going to cut this! We're going to protect that! We're going to do this!'

Not what you've accomplished, what you've done because he can't do that. Do you that latter commercial (Obama commercial) is going to win the day? Not if this is the America that gave birth to all us, and our parents and their grandparents. Not if this is the America of our founding. I sure as hell hope not.

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