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Palin: Wisconsin Voters Understand "Austerity Is A Good Thing"

Fmr. Gov Sarah Palin (R-Alaska) told Fox News' Neil Cavuto that Wisconsin voters "understand that austerity is a good thing." Transcript below.

Neil Cavuto, Fox Business: "With us right now -- if you think about it, this woman was among the earliest governors to take a crack at addressing public spending in her state. You might of heard, she went on to something famous. I think she ran for vice president or something like that, Sarah Plain, the former Governor of the great state of Alaska. Governor, very good to have you. You've heard this polls are too close to call right now, you worried for Governor Walker?"

Fmr. Gov. Sarah Palin (R-Alaska): "Governor Walker is not going to get recalled, nor will his Lt. Gov., Kleefisch. I believe that the good folks in Wisconsin understand that austerity is a good thing. This is a virtue as the governor is representing as he is just letting the public know that they have the opportunity to live within their means, actually cut government spending and see the private sector be able to create jobs. It's a good thing and I believe that Wisconsin voters will be embracing that."

Cavuto: "Do you think there is anything to the closeness of the vote? If it is close, I guess you can argue, like you say Governor, 'a win is a win, but if it is a close win, is there any vindication in that? That he barely survived, that he is a crippled governor for the remaining couple of years here? What do you think?"

Palin: "I think it's going to empower the Governor of Wisconsin and other fiscally conservative, responsible governors across our nation. And we're going to see that relentless and needed form when it comes to government spending on that state level as the result of this election, Neil. I think that we can't wait for the feds to do this, we can't wait for the president to do it on a state and local level when we elect and keep in office those willing to serve for the right reasons and that's to hold tight the sacred trust that they have when they are spending other people's money and spend it responsible and rein in government growth. I think that these state leaders are going to teach these national leaders a lesson."

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