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Krauthammer On Bill Clinton: "Bull In A China Shop," A "Double Agent"

"I think he's really is now a bull in a china shop, there is a lot of crockery being destroyed. It's very clear when he said the thing about the sterling business record, that was extremely undermining because, of course, it contradicted the whole roll-out strategy of the Obama campaign, which was to portray Romney as vulture capitalist. So it undoes that," syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer said on FOX News' "Special Report" panel tonight.

"But I think it has broader implications. I think what was overlooked was the fact that Romney met the threshold for the presidency. That is extremely important in a re-election campaign. A re-election campaign is a referendum on the president, unless they are questions about the challenger," Krauthammer said.

"A loose cannon? He's a double agent," Krauthammer said. "What's the message? Bill Clinton said elect Obama because at the end of his second term you might begin to be getting out of recession, I wouldn't run on that."

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