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Clinton "Aghast" By Suggestion He Is Hurting Obama's Reelection

"Mr. Simon may think I should be an employee of the campaign, but I'm not," former President Bill Clinton said of writer's column claiming he is sabotaging the Obama campaign. "I'm trying to help the president win reelection because I think he's done a better job than most people know. I think the healthcare bill is a step in the right direction, not the wrong direction."

"I think his energy policy, on balance, is very well grounded and well-conceived. And I think that his economic policy is dramatically better than the one articulated by Governor Romney and his supporters," Clinton told NBC's "Nightly News."

"And I think -- I've been aghast by all this flutter about it. I don't think I should have to criticize Romney personally to disagree with his politics," Clinton said to anchor Brian Williams.

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