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Limbaugh: Bill Clinton Was Taken To The Cory Booker Memorial Woodshed

RUSH: So it looks like Bill Clinton, ladies and gentlemen, was taken to the woodshed. Bill Clinton was taken to the Cory Booker Memorial Woodshed for endorsing Romney last week. You've got to wonder, what is in this woodshed to get so many people to change their tunes so quickly? It's gotta be a pretty big woodshed. All these Democrats have been taken to the woodshed. In Clinton's case, it could almost be anything in that woodshed: pictures, stained dresses. The mind boggles.


So let's go back. Last Thursday, on CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight the fill-in host was Harvey Weinstein. I learned something about this. Harvey Weinstein, big Hollywood mogul, highest rated hour on CNN all day. They brought in a nonprofessional. Weinstein is a professional, but he's an executive. He's not a behind-the-camera guy. He's a director, producer. They brought in someone with literally no experience and he gets the highest rated hour of anything all day on CNN. That doesn't say much for highly trained professionals and specialists.

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