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MSNBC Host Upset Romney Using Same Campaign Tactics As Obama

MSNBC daytime anchor Thomas Roberts accused Mitt Romney of embracing "bloodsport politics" after the candidate boosted about staffers at his Boston headquarters attending a outdoor press event for David Axelrod -- held a short distance from their office -- to heckle him.

Romney, who has been a victim of Obama hecklers at many events during his campaign -- including the primary, said he is just playing by the same rules.

Yet the frustrated Roberts still had a problem with the strategy and implied this contributes to divisive politics. Roberts made Romney out to be the bad actor in the situation even though he was simply returning the favor.

Roberts also likened Romney to "stiff white folk" for using the phrase "what's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander" when he justified his campaign using tactics similar to what the Obama campaign has done.

"'Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.' I told my team I come from some witty and some stiff white folk and I never heard that before," MSNBC's Roberts shared.

"So are Republicans really celebrating the scrappy style, unapologetic style of what is this bloodsport politics and what the Romney camp is doing to get ahead?" MSNBC's Thomas Roberts fretted.

"The opposite seems to be true for the president," Roberts said. "When we talk about that in that there's been this negative reaction when he gets down, gets into the mud. Can the candidate of hope, candidate of change not take this as what's good for the goose approach like Mitt Romney says?"

One of Roberts' guests, Reid Wilson of National Journal, reminds him that Obama ran a negative campaign in 2008 and he is doing the same this time around.

"One of the things we saw in 2008 is even in this hope and change campaign, President Obama's campaign ran more negative advertising than any other presidential campaign have ever run in history. We're going to see that again. This is sort of the campaign of necessity, the way he has to run the campaign at a time when the job reports aren't good, when his approval ratings aren't above 50%, and most Americans disapprove of the way he's handling the economy," Wilson observed.

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