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Obama Deputy Campaign Manager: Solyndra A "Strategic Investment"

Chuck Todd, MSNBC: "Good morning. I want to start with that, is both the Romney campaign and the web video, yesterday, and we saw Crossroads out with a TV ad on this if -- is this a fair countercharge -- basically counterattack, if you will on your Bain argument about Mitt Romney profiting off picking winners and losers and then going and looking at the president's record on investing taxpayer money in things like Solyndra and the energy issue where winners and losers were picked as well?"

Stephanie Cutter, Obama deputy campaign manager: "Well, no, it's not fair, but that's sort of beside the point with the Romney campaign. Let's just take a look at the facts of Solyndra. We used the same competitive process that the previous administration used. Politics didn't play any role and that's a known fact. And the president's not picking winners and losers, he's making strategic investments to promote clean energy.

"As a result of the clean energy investments that we've made, almost a quarter million jobs have been created in just the clean energy sector and we've doubled our renewable portfolio. And we just heard the Romney campaign say they don't believe in clean energy investments, which I guess is no surprise given the amount of big oil money they're taking in this campaign."

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