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Mark Levin: Obama's College Transcripts Should Not Be Off The Table

MARK LEVIN: He says he was basically in a drug-induced stupor for the last two years of high school and I've asked many times, 'Well how did he get into Occidental? How did he transfer to Columbia? And how did he get into Harvard?' He's a pothead. But we're not allowed to know that, what are you, a birther? What's wrong, are you Trump? What's wrong with yous? What's wrong with yous?

I'm sorry, I don't think we should be removing all of this off the table. Don't you people want to know about your president? Who wants to be reelected, he presents himself for reelection. I think you do. I do too. But the media is not interested.

Well, we know what's going on here, don't we? Of course. I say this, whatever the hell his transcript is, let's just defeat the guy. What do you say? I know that he didn't get an A+ in economics, not very sharp. I know that he didn't get an A+ in accounting or finance, not the sharpest.

I remember that they hid John Kerry's records for the longest time. Remember that, Mr. Producer? Oh yeah, and then it turns out he got several Ds. I mean, I don't think everybody should have to turn over their transcripts. 'Hey, what's yours? What's yours?' That's not the point. The point is he is demanding that Romney turn over ten years of tax returns. Okay. How about you turn over a couple years of transcripts. 'No! What are you talking about? That's like a birther.' Well maybe Romney should try the same thing, 'You want ten years of tax returns, what are you a birther?'

And by the way, this birther stuff, let me tell you something. This argument, and I've never been a birther and I've been attacked by them on the internet and phone calls and all the rest, but that's said. What's more illogical, the birthers or the Marxists/socialists, that is the statists? Whose denying what? The birthers are harmless. But Obama is denying the laws of economics. He's denying the Constitution in many respects because that's the nature of his philosophy and his politics. So he's a denier. He's a Constitution denier. He's a capitalism denier. He's a private property denier. He's a profit denier. Right? He's a success denier. A prosperity denier.

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