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David Axelrod: The Truth Will Prevail In 2012 Election

"I think one of the reasons why Mr. Rove and his Super PAC are on with such ferocity now is that they're concerned about people receiving that information and what impact that may have and they're looking to outshout us," David Axelrod said about Obama's bailout of the auto makers, a claim the campaign says saved nearly a million jobs. "I think ultimately the truth will [win] out. It's not just the truth about what we've done but the truth about what they would do and what they want to do."

"Mitt Romney, as you referred to, has offered plan that's very much like the plan that Karl Rove and others put into place in the last decade," Axelrod told MSNBC's Rachel Maddow on Tuesday night. "He wants to cut taxes, $250,000 for millionaires, while raising taxes on 18 million working Americans. It is a budget busting plan that the independent analysts would say would add $5 trillion to our deficits."

"And for them to reason ads suggesting that the problem is debt and they're the answer is absurd. That case will be prosecuted over the course of this campaign. You can't hide the impacts of what you're trying to do or who you are or what you're record was in either business or state government. All of those things are part of this debate and people will make a choice in November and I'm confident about the choice that they're going to make," Axelrod said.

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