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Scarborough: Booker Clarification Looks Like A "Hostage Video"

"That is the definition of a hostage video," Joe Scarborough said about the dispatch from Cory Booker in which he backtracked on his criticism of the Obama campaign using Bain to attack Romney. "Can we see that one more time? I want you to look at the state troopers. No, the troopers were out. The guys with the sword yelling Allah. Look at that. Seriously. If you notice, he's sending morse code with the blinking of his eyes."

"Holy cow! The e-mail came while he was still in the studio," Scarborough added.

"It makes it much worse and it underlines the fact how bad the White House's position is on this. That they had to stick a gun, I mean, just look at the hostage video," Scarborough later said.

"He got really nervous when they said they were going to cut off his head," Scarborough joked.

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