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May 21, 2012 Archives

Andrea Mitchell: Romney Has Been Getting "Free Ride" From The Media
Palin: Romney "Needs To Forcefully, Candidly And Proudly Defend His Record"
Booker Rips GOP For "Manipulating" His Remarks About Obama And Bain
Obama On Bain: "This Is What The Campaign Is Going To Be About"
Obama To Romney: Job As President Is Not Simply To Maximize Profits
Chris Matthews: Cory Booker Helped "Sabotage" Obama Campaign
Penn Jillette On Drug War: States' Rights Don't Mean "Jack Sh*t" To Obama
Romney Web Ad "Big Bain Backfire" Uses Dems To Slam Obama
Axelrod: Booker Was "Wrong" To Criticize Obama Attack On Romney
Karzai: Congressman Not Welcome In Afghanistan
NYT Reporter Goes To Romney's Church, Seeks Info From Worshipers
Steele: Planned Parenthood Uses Abortion To "Eliminate And Limit" Minorities
Fehrnstrom: Romney Created More Jobs As Governor Than Obama
Matthews: A Few More Sundays Like This And Obama "Won't Make It Past August"
Obama: I Stayed At A Hotel Rather Than My House Helping Chicago Economy
Ford Jr. On Booker: "I Would Not Have Backed Off The Comments"
Harris-Perry: "Interracial Heritage" Gives Obama "Access To White Privilege"
Scarborough: Booker Clarification Looks Like A "Hostage Video"
Jesse Jackson: "Source Of Pain" Seeing Wright As "Object Of Degradation"
Brian Williams Gives Commencement Address: "Our Politics Are Broken"
"60 Minutes" On Pink Floyd, Roger Waters "The Wall" Tour
Obama Web Ad: Romney Economics: Job Loss And Bankruptcy At Ampad
Rubio: Obama Most "Divisive Figure In Modern American History"

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