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George Will Slams New York Times Over Joe Ricketts Story

George Will on the "End Spending" PAC fund saying no to a Rev. Wright ad: "He repudiated it the instant he saw it. His group is called ‘End Spending.’ That’s what he’s interested in. Not the social issues, nothing else. He asked through some of his people for someone to produce a plan, but what they got was a plan that ignored what he’s interested in, and went after Rev. Wright and all this other stuff. Ricketts took one look at it and said 'no.'

"Now, The New York Times, that didn’t fit their narrative of a 'billionaire behaving responsibly.' So they said, ‘He’s studying it. They have commissioned this.' They’ve neglected the whole fact, which was that this is a small story with a nice ending, which is a responsible affluent man said no.”

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