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Wasserman Schultz: My Job "To Peel Folks Like James Carville Off The Ceiling"

BLITZER: With polls suggesting that Mitt Romney is even with or even leading President Obama, is it time for the Democrats to panic?

Let's discuss that with Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida. She is the chair of the Democratic National Committee.

James Carville, a man you know, the man I know, our CNN contributor. He wrote this blog last week saying, I'll put it up on the screen. WTFU, translated, wake the you know what up, there is an earthquake. What are you smoking? What are you drinking?

What are you snorting or just what in the hell are you thinking? Earlier he said, it's time to panic because so many Democratic leadership in the party and the campaign seem to be complacent that the president has a lot before being re-elected. He says you have to fight.

REPRESENTATIVE DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ, DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMMITTEE CHAIRWOMAN: Well, I guess, it's my job to peel folks like James Carville off the ceiling because it's certainly not time to panic.

I haven't noticed complacency at all. I mean, in the last year, I've traveled to 33 states and almost 100 cities, Wolf and people our very focused.

Our supporters understand what's at stake here. They know the dramatic contrast in the two directions that we could go. They understand that this will be a close election and they are fired up and ready to go. And we've got a tremendous amount of activity through our neighborhood --

BLITZER: You are not just resting assuming it's a done deal.

SCHULTZ: We are not kicking back and relaxing, I can assure you.

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