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Warren: Wall Street Fighting A "Guerrilla War" Against Regulations

"Well, this is about accountability," Elizabeth Warren said about her call for Jamie Dimon to step down as CEO of JPMorgan Chase. "You know, the banks have been loading up on risk and they don't want to be accountable. And Jamie Dimon not only is CEO of JPMorgan Chase, he holds this position of public trust, advising the New York Fed on how to regulate risk for these large financial institutions like his own financial institution."

"And this isn't personal to Jamie Dimon," Warren said on CNN's "Starting Point" Monday morning. "It's what has been going on ever since Dodd-Frank passed."

"There's been a guerrilla war out there in which the largest financial institutions have been doing everything they can to make sure that financial regulations don't get put in place. And if they do get put in place, that they are loaded with loopholes and not very effective," Warren said.

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