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Hume On Romney "Hazing" Story: "Much Ado About Not Very Much"

"Look, this was not a prank," FOX News senior political analyst Brit Hume said on "FOX News Sunday" this weekend. "This was hazing and it was mean. There's no doubt about it and I don't have and real doubt about the basic truth of the story. The problem with the story, dating from high school, was that it was the utter failure of the Post to connect it to anything other else in Romney's life or career."

"If this were a story that said, 'and this is where you get the first example of the mean streak that Romney has shown or the tendency to take advantage of people who are in a weaker position on' -- there was nothing," Mr. Hume analyzed. "This thing -- at almost book length with an enormous splash on the front page was all about this one incident, unconnected, indeed, I would say disconnected from anything else we know about Romney."

"So the point is, I think it was much ado about not very much," Hume said on the panel portion of the "FOX News Sunday" broadcast. "And you have to wonder, what is an editor of a newspaper thinking? You know, editors who edit news pages do, in a certain way, express editorial opinion by the way they play the story, where they play it and at what length. This obviously struck the editors of The Washington Post and the reporters who worked on this story as a big deal. And, you have to wonder what kind of news judgment these people have if they really think that."

"My view is, I think the story was, if it were played on an inside page, much less length it might have been appropriate -- the way it was handled, ridiculous," Hume concluded.

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