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Black Pastor: Obama Better Get To Black Churches Soon To Prevent Voter Apathy

Pastor of Baltimore Maryland’s Empowerment Temple, Jamal Bryant spoke with Roland Martin, correspondent on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, today about President Obama's announcing his support of gay marriage.

"I absolutely, vehemently disagree with the president," Bryant told Martin. "I agree with his presidency, but with this policy, I do not agree. Marriage is the original institution of the church.

When asked if he will vote for the president again, Bryant said, “I think, given the option I’ve got, which is Mitt Romney, I’ve got no choice."

"And I think African American voters are mature enough to say this is not going to be the one issue of where I'm going to walk away from," Bryant said.

Later in the interview Pastor Bryant gave a shocking prediction and warned President Obama he must get in "some black churches real soon clapping his hands [and] singing Amazing Grace."

"Black people are not going to switch over to the Republican party or put Romney signs on their front lawn. The critical concern is whether they will vote with apathy and not show up at the polls," Bryant said.

"The reality is, President Obama better be in some black churches real soon clapping his hands, singing Amazing Grace and waving that right hand because the black vote is going to be very critical and apathy may win this election if we don't get on the ground," Pastor Bryant warned.

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