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May 10, 2012 Archives

Coulter: Obama Gay Marriage Revelation A "Sign Of Desperation"
Romney: "National Standard" For Marriage; States To Decide Gay Rights
Romney "Not Too Concerned" With WaPo Piece On High School Pranks
Obama: "Sometimes I Forget" About The Magnitude Of The Recession
NBC's Guthrie: "Many People" In Media "Uniformly Support Same-Sex Marriage"
Black Pastor: Obama Better Get To Black Churches Soon To Prevent Voter Apathy
Obama: "If You're Willing To Work Hard You Should Be Able To Find A Good Job"
Tapper On WH Reaction To Biden: "They Are Irritated, Don't Let Anyone Fool You"
Rubio: Obama Distracting And Dividing America With Gay Marriage
Barney Frank vs. Tony Perkins On Gay Marriage
Will & Grace Creator Not Buying Biden's "Choreographed" Remarks
Jeffress: Romney Being Mormon Caused Evangelicals Not To Be Enthusiastic
Eric Bolling: Was Obama Buying And Selling Drugs?
Obama Says Election Is Going To Be Close, Blames Washington
ABC's Robin Roberts On Interviewing Obama: "I'm Getting Chills Again"
"Daily Show" On Obama's Position On Same-Sex Marriage, NC's Ban
Obama Ad Seizes On Gay Marriage: Romney Is "Backwards"
Obama On Romney's "Etch-A-Sketch Moment"
Biden Makes Sign Of The Cross In Front Of Rabbis
Obama In 2006: I Can Raise More Money Because I'm A Celebrity
Obama TV Ad Touts Auto Bailout
Maddow On Electoral Impact Of Obama's Sex-Sex Marriage Position
Malkin: Obama's Gay Marriage Support A "Campaign Finance Decision"
Matthews: Tea Party Can't Get Anything Done In Congress
Obama: Biden "Got Out A Little Bit Over His Skis" On Gay Marriage
"Special Report" Panel On The Democratic Base And 2012
Cavuto: Greece Should "Commercialize" Ancient Ruins To Solve Debt Problem
Schultz: Wisconsin Recall Will Come Down To Turnout

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