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Krauthammer: First Time In History Evolution Has Been Accelerated By An Upcoming Election

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Well, it surely the first time in scientific history that evolution has been accelerated by an upcoming election. I don't think that's never been recorded before. And granting the president the cynicism, you know, the need to do this for electoral reasons, withholding donations from gay rights activists, etc. and the gaffe that Biden made to accelerate this. Granted all that, I give him credit for what he said.

I think that the two sides in this debate, as in abortion, as in a lot of other unresolvable social issues deserve respect. Those who believe in traditional marriage under the theory, a rather good one, that's it has been the mainstay institution for human society forever until yesterday. And tampering with it ought to invoke a lot of trepidation and those who like Obama express sympathy with people of same sex who yearn to have what heterosexuals have. I understand that.

But there's one thing that I wish the president had done, which is to say which is now his side of the debate, show a little respect for the other side. Because as we saw with Prop 9, and other referendums on gay rights, those people who oppose gay marriage are demonized by the pro-side as bigots, as haters and often suffer boycotts and worse. Whereas I think he ought to say to the country, a difficult decision, each side ought to respect the other and not demonize them.

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