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MSNBC's Finney: "Julia" Would Be Dead In Her 30s Under Romney

"To me, it was here is a way that government plays a positive role in your life -- all these stages in your life -- that you may not even be aware of because how many times have we heard different people say things like, 'Well, I don't want government in my life, you know, but I need my Social Security.' Okay. So people rely on government services in ways they are not always conscience of, so I thought it really sort of shows look, here are the various ways you are, in the aggregate, a woman living her life that the policies of Barack Obama would have helped straightened your opportunity to make good decisions in your life and thrive as an American," MSNBC contributor and former DNC communications director Karen Finney said about the "Julia" slideshow put out by the Obama campaign.

"I would love to see the DNC or somebody followup with a, 'Here's what life under the Romney-Ryan plan would be like for Julia. Because I tell you what, she'd be in the grave by her mid-30s, I can almost assure you," she said later in the segment.

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